We are forming a number of volunteer committees, to begin organizing people and to get people involved in as many ways as possible. Drawing on your ideas, and prioritizing ideas with the most immediate impact, we have identified the following committees, chaired by a member of the Board.


Fundraising: implement ideas to raise funds for the store over the short and the

long term. Led by Chris Holmescholmes@ithaca.edu


Membership growth: take advantage of our current visibility in the community

by recruiting diverse new members. Lead by Rob Vanderlanrjv23@cornell.edu


Online sales: promote our existing online sales site and consider how to improve

it. Led by Dianne Dietrichdiannemd@gmail.com


Volunteer Organizing: that leaves a lot of ideas to be developed and a lot of

people to be organized. This committee will begin that process, organizing the
volunteers who can try some of the great ideas generated. Led by Eleanor
Henderson. ehenderson@ithaca.edu

If you are interested in helping with any of the above, please email the lead.

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