Sharing a Wish List

Whether it's gift-giving holidays, birthdays, or someone just wanting to surprise you, it's easier on our loved ones if they know exactly what we want. If you've found your wish list of books growing, now's the perfect time to share it with your loved ones. Here's our quick guide to sharing your wish list!

  1. Log in
  2. After adding a book (or several books) to your wish list, click on the “My Account” button on the navigation bar (or go to
  3. Once on that page, click on the “Wish list” tab
  4. If you have multiple wish lists, click on whichever wish list you want to share
  5. The first bar that appears is labeled “Share your wish list.” You can copy that link and share it wherever you’d like!
  6. If you scroll further down, you will also be able to edit:
    1. The title of the wish list
    2. Your name as it would appear should you choose to email your list to others through the “email” function 
    3. The expiration date of the list
    4. Whether or not the expiration date is visible to others
    5. Whether or not the expiration date is private (this will not stop you from sharing the link; it will only keep your wish list from being searchable on our site)
    6. Whether or not you want the books to be shipped
  7. You can also enter a shipping address which will be available to anyone who purchases an item from your wish list
  8. There is an “email” function, where you can email your wish list to up to 10 recipients along with a message

You're all set!