Renting Our Reading Room

If you are interested in using our reading room for an event of your own, please fill out our Event Request Form.

We rent out the space to individuals and groups at both hourly and daily rates, as seen below:

  Hourly Rate Daily Rate
Nonprofit Organization $20/hour $125/day
Individual* or For Profit Org. $30/hour $200/day

*BSB owners get $5 off the rental fee for personal events!

For multi-day events, we will work with you to prorate the fees to make it work for both parties.

Things to know:

  • Events must be held during store hours. If you want to hold an event after-hours, there will be an additional fee of $10/hour to help pay staff.
  • You must be conscious of noise levels to show consideration for the other residents of the building.
  • It is our expectation that you will clean up after your event and return any furniture to its original place.
  • Booking for your events is dependent on the existing schedule of events, so please do not count on the space until your request has been confirmed.

For any further questions, please contact