The Buffalo Street Books Staff

Our staff loves to read and recommend books. Here are some of their current and all-time favorites

Lisa Swayze

General Manager

Lisa first worked as a bookseller and sidelines buyer at Wordsworth Books in Harvard Square, Cambridge (we won't say how long ago). She's ecstatic to be back among the books, especially here in Ithaca, a book town if ever there was one.

E.C. Barrett
Assistant Buyer & Bookseller

E.C. writes speculative fiction of the magical realism sort, grows things and makes things, and spends too much time watching crows.

Jaden Elliott

Events Coordinator & Bookseller

Jaden is a visual artist, (kind of) (maybe)? sometimes a writer, and a graduate of Ithaca College. They are only slightly embarrassed to say they especially like books with pictures, and generally like to read books by Black women writers. They own at least six differently colored beanies. They coordinate events for the bookstore. 

Ryohei Ozaki

Receiver & Bookseller

Scott Brown

bio 1:
Scott gave up a promising career as a toupee model to relocate to Ithaca and work at a bookstore. He likes square dancing, mustard and velocity.

bio 2:
Scott is not in witness protection. He comes from a small Southern town where folks are average and boring. He has lived in Colorado, North Dakota, Florida, California and Oregon for six months apiece; eventually settling in Ithaca because of the weather. He doesn't know the first thing about Russian organized crime.

Korbin Richards

Receiver & Bookseller

Ashley began as a Bookseller in 2016 and inherited the position of Bookkeeper in 2017.  She is also also an owner, a Gemini, a Slytherin, and a Lannister.  When she isn't here, she's working towards (and on) her BS. She adores puns, but not before breakfast please.

Cecile Browning
Allie Boex

Allie holds a Ph.D in Latin and ancient Greek from Cornell and teaches Latin at EACMSI, but is enjoying the chance to explore more current literature at BSB. Allie is also a long-time partner at Indian Creek Farm.  She and her husband Bill enjoy life with an overwhelming collection of pets and are expecting their first baby in May.  She wishes this blurb were funnier, but someone has to play the straight man.

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