Local Book Launch: ESSENCE OF STONE // Haley Rylander

Buffalo Street Books is very excited to host the launch party for a local fantasy author! Haley Rylander will be in store for an in-person & livestreamed reading and conversation about her debut novel, Essence of Stone, which unfolds a page-turning and interwoven series of plots steeped in mystery, political intrigue, and romance. Fans of massive-world scale, high-stakes action, and dynamic characters will fall in love with this first installment of the Lifestone Trilogy.

Join us in store or from home via the link below!

About the book:

Essence of Stone embodies the heart of epic fantasy while pulling readers into a fresh world defined by a creatively different elven society, science-based magic, and diverse cultures.

Gellion, an accomplished metal artist and dignitary of elven politics, has spent the last two hundred years trying to forget the horrors of his past – a terrible war waged by a demonic phoenix, and an infamous mentor whose legacy has plagued Gellion through the centuries. A sea away, Gellion has managed to build a new life for himself in the great elven city of Daro, mining the precious stone that forms the fabric of the elven race. Vierstone’s touch allows the elves to shape their physical world through metal, stone, and glass. It enhances their emotions, burning them with love, empathy, anger, and sorrow, and it opens them to that same burn in others. Vierstone is eternal. Unfading. Or so the elves have always believed.

When strange and seemingly sentient earthquakes begin to attack the city with unknown magic, Vierstone is left broken and lifeless in the streets. In the face of a looming battle alliance and political treachery from within, Gellion must keep the elves united, confront the shadows of his past, and solve the mystery that could obliterate the foundation of his very race.

About the author:

Haley Rylander is an author and a book lover, as well as an aerial circus artist, scientist, and slightly obsessive dog owner. It is her goal to write inspiring stories set in other worlds that reflect our own world in ways that can only be achieved through the magic and power of words. Haley has lived in Ithaca, New York the last 5 years. This is her first novel.

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Event date: 
Saturday, May 14, 2022 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
Event address: 
215 N. Cayuga Street
Dewitt Mall
Ithaca, NY 14850
Essence of Stone Cover Image
ISBN: 9798985610307
Availability: Available via Warehouse (7-10 Days)
Published: Aspen Leaf Press - May 14th, 2022