Buffalo Street Books Gift Card

We sell Buffalo Street Books Gift Cards! Buffalo Street Books Gift Cards work just like debit cards. Perfect for graduations, birthdays, holidays, or just to give the gift of reading! 

Buffalo Street Books Gift Cards make a perfect gift. Buffalo Street Books offers physical gift cards which can be used at our downtown Ithaca location. Unlike those of major retailers, our gift cards do not lose value over time ("inactivity fees") and never expire. During checkout you can provide a shipping address for the gift card to be mailed to or select in-store pickup at one of our locations. For in-store pickup, the gift card will be filed at the front counter under the recipient's last name.

Gift cards can also be used online—just include the gift card number in a note on your order. You will have to include a credit card number as well to place the order, but we will not ultimately charge the card (or we will only charge it for any leftover balance).

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