The Flying Circus (Hardcover)

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The Flying Circus By Patrizia Levi, Laura Barella (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Patrizia Levi, Laura Barella (Illustrator)
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In this enchanting, and beautifully illustrated picture book, children aged 7 years and up are treated to a mesmerizing tale where poetic language weaves a mystic and beautiful circus experience.

The Flying Circus transports readers to a sleepy village on an ordinary day, where extraordinary invitations fall from the sky. The news is astounding: THE FLYING CIRCUS is coming There's an invitation for everyone, even for the little ones. As the villagers gather at the agreed time, a magical sight unfolds before their eyes--a flying circus tent descends upon the field. And so, the inhabitants of the village attend the most magical show of their entire lives . . .

In this enchanting picture book, children ages 7 years and up are treated to a mesmerizing tale where poetic language weaves a mystic and beautiful circus experience. Through various acts performed by the circus, the villagers find themselves deeply connected to nature and its inhabitants. Each performance serves as a reminder of the beauty, wonder, and fragility of life on Earth.

As the circus bids farewell, it leaves behind a small acorn, symbolizing the message of love for nature and the importance of caring for our planet's delicate ecosystems. Recipient of the prestigious Silver Medal at the 2022 Key Colors Competition Worldwide, The Flying Circus states a strong conservation message to all readers.

With its beautiful illustrations and lyrical prose, this captivating tale invites readers to immerse themselves in a magical world where nature takes center stage. The Flying Circus inspires young minds to cherish and protect the wonders of the natural world, leaving a lasting impression long after the final page is turned.

About the Author

Born in 1964 in Caluso, Piedmont (Italy) where Patricia Levi lives and works. After graduating from the Vittorio Veneto Art School in Turin, she specialized in fabric design at the Marangoni Clothing Institute in Milan. A two-year experience in an architecture studio and then dedicating himself to the design of fabrics for Guarmosa Print and Cica Ross which later became V.A.G.T. (women's knitwear sector) also creating designs for: Krizia men (U.S.A. collection), Christian La Croix (Paris), Piero Panchetti, Gruppo Finanziario Tessile, Magic, Clorinda, and others, as well as participating in "Pitti Immagine". Hi, I'm Laura Barella. I'm an italian illustrator. I live and work in a house with a tree garden, a cat and a hammock. I love to spend a sunny afternoon on a rowing boat on the nearby lakes and playing early music with my husband. After completing my Diploma at Artistic High School and illustration courses at the European Institute of Design, I started as a naturalistic illustrator, my first passion. Then I encountered the poetry, the creativity, and expressive freedom of the children's picture books and that changed all my work.

Product Details
ISBN: 9798890630803
Publisher: Clavis
Publication Date: October 8th, 2024
Pages: 40
Language: English