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This refers to Improv Academy style improv. There is an infinite number of ways to do the right thing and an infinite number of ways to do the wrong thing. Our choices aren't meaningless. As Improv Academy performers we live in a special reality of nothingness. Consciousnesses if the fundamental facts of human existence. Each of us are conscious. We all have our own inner movies. I know about MY consciousness directly. I don't know yours. But if we step by step intertwine our consciousnesses, one bit at a time, we then can bring together a chain of events that will develop as each element one sentence at a time is added to the equation of the DNA of your scene.

IMPROV DNA, Professional Comedy Instruction: this book is important in the comedy world. This information is useful for directors, writers, actors, producers, which essentially an improviser is a combination of all these parts, plus stage design. We begin on a stage, no script, no props, just two performers and an audience. We have lights and sound too - live piano maybe- or simply music to fill in the spaces between improvisations and sketches. We get a one-word suggestion from the audience and begin our short form sketch. These are fun for everyone involved, because there is no one with a script and it becomes impressive to anyone who views this kind of performance because it works seamlessly with the method of scene structure and the DNA of the scene being presented one step at a time. This method of improvisation works for doing live shows, or working in a writer's room, going back to the beginning of an idea and using different emotions and body language to change or convey a different message until you settle up on a piece that was just improvised that was worth writing down. This information always is helpful with a group. But you can play the parts in your own mind, using the steps of setting the scene, writing using the scene structure in this method is the forever useful part. This lets there be a beginning, middle, end and a resolution. You can use this method to write three-minute scenes, or use it to write stage shows, use it to write screenplays, stand-up comedy, this is a writer's method, and if everyone in your theater troupe, improv group, class or writing room is familiar with this material you will have endless possibilities that will be pleasing, even the mistakes become fun. The method explained in this book IMPROV DNA will help you perform compelling scenes every time.

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ISBN: 9798868929526
Publisher: Improv Academy
Publication Date: October 17th, 2023
Pages: 144
Language: English