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Why the internet has positive influence on direct sale industry in multi level market to assist economic growth.However, an important factor for increasing the turnover generated by direct sale companies and multi level marketing network represents a structure that is continuously changing. As technological changing, internet invention can raise the MLM sale method of chance. In multi level sale marketing, as house agent or franchise sale agent, insurance agent, share agent etc. these kind of occupations who can expand their businesses market from internet. Some of the trends indicate strong growth multi level products in international market. Also, high participation of women in multi level marketing, women are begining to realize that the internet makes it possible for them to reinvent themselves and begin a multi level business that requires little risk and low start up cost, such as internet sale method, these are no age limit to develop the multi level internet sale channel business and internet sale business can be an important market shares for household products in multi level marketing globally.Besides these trends, the internet has positive influence on direct sales industry. Internet has had an impact in relations between direct seller and the company and between the direct seller and the consumer. The main multi levels through which the internet helps the development of multi level sale industry. Due to the internet has allowed direct sellers and customers to maintain contact outside the face to face meetings, it also allows direct sellers can use blogs and social media page to sell whose products, direct sellers can use electronic mailings and have online access to products and services brochures, the customers can pay to buy any online products through internet banking conveniently, more and more people were extended his professional activities of direct selling through the use of the internet and social networks, a direct selling activity can be run from home and doesn't require a high investment. Some may even give follow up orders by electronic means. From the seller's point of view, the major attraction of direct selling is that internet sale channel offers an equal and flexible income opportunity to men and women, across all ages, level of experience and social origins. In the multi level marketing view point, the direct selling industry development trends will be direct influence by maintaining these advantages for the distributors and by using and developing the communicating modern technologies. So internet sale channel will be the potential multi level marketing to influence how to distribute products or service and to through direct sales and mulit level marketing are determined by a set of economic technological and even social factors.⦁Whether multi level marketing can influence economic growth in poverty countries.I feel that the role of multi level marketing in poverty countries to influence economic growth is important. For example, some businesses who need to manufacture and sell whose products to clients directly. So who need to set up factories and to open shops in local and overseas markets. It seems who need to exploit and save many investors loading more minimal amounts to prepare to sell immediately. It will raise recruiting new downlines and high cost of products as well as who also need to establish production plants in themselves countries or foreign countries to exploit local or overseas economics and to reduce the numbers of unemployment, among many other benefits. It seems the role of multi level marketing can reduce poverty countries unemployment ratio from internet sale channel, e.g. online salesperson, delivered products service and website design technician or computer technician etc. different website related positions will be created to sell to any online buyers conveniently from online sale channel.

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