How to Influence People: Make a Difference in Your World (Compact Disc)

How to Influence People: Make a Difference in Your World By John C. Maxwell, Jim Dornan, Van Tracy (Read by) Cover Image


Leadership guru John C. Maxwell and his friend Jim Dornan share their straightforward, effective way for making an impact on the world: make an impact on individual people. How? Through influence. How to Influence People will empower you on your journey to becoming a potent and positive influence in your relationships both great and small.

By pouring your life into other people, which is Dr. Maxwell's definition of "mentorship", you can truly make a difference. And when you have a meaningful impact on the lives of those around you - from your children and coworkers to your customers and the barista at your favorite coffee shop - it makes a difference in your life, too.

You'll learn to perceive the stages of influence in your relationships and skillfully navigate your progress - from perfect stranger, to helpful confidant, to inspiring mentor - until, ultimately, you attain the highest honor there is for an influencer: becoming a multiplier of other influencers.

How to Influence People is a coach's playbook, a pastor's guide, and a parent's lifeline. From manager to teacher, salesperson to CEO, the ability to cultivate and direct influence is indispensable. In fact, you will find that learning to positively influence those around you is the only way to achieve real success in the many spheres of your complex life.

How to Influence People is resplendent with the intimate, personal style that makes Dr. Maxwell's seminars so successful and inspiring.

With whom do you hold the most influence? With whom the least? Is your influence positive or negative? How can you increase your level of influence to better achieve your goals and help others achieve theirs? These are the questions at the heart of How to Influence People. Answering them will change your perception; implementing Dr. Maxwell's techniques will change your life. Begin your journey to unimagined personal and organizational success by discovering the power of your own positive influence.

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ISBN: 9798212676700
Publisher: HarperCollins Christian
Publication Date: March 6th, 2013
Language: English