Amx-30 Family (Photosniper #16) (Paperback)

Amx-30 Family (Photosniper #16) By M. P. Robinson Cover Image

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This is book number 16 in the Photosniper series.


The AMX-30 was used as the basis for a range of armored vehicles that have seen extensive service in the French army and elsewhere. In this Photosniper, which completes the study of the AMX-30 series by M.P. Robinson, the stories of France's specialized artillery and engineer variants are explained. The AMX-30D recovery vehicle, the GCT and Au-F1 series of self-propelled guns, the AMX-30R Roland and AMX-30SA Shahine antiaircraft missile launchers, the AMX-30 Bitube DCA antiaircraft tank, the AMX-30H Bridgelayer and the EBG armored engineers vehicle are all covered in text and photographs. France's comprehensive rebuilding programs that resulted in the development of the Au-F1TA, of the improved EBG versions and of sophisticated mine clearing versions of the AMX-30B2 in the decades since the end of the Cold War are also described. This work is an excellent reference for the modeler with over 180 photos; these include examples chosen from GIAT's archives, photos of vehicles in everyday service, vehicles seen on the parade ground and in the desert wastes of Iraq.

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ISBN: 9788364596247
ISBN-10: 8364596241
Publisher: Kagero
Publication Date: February 19th, 2015
Pages: 96
Language: English
Series: Photosniper