Cloud-Based CI/CD for Software Teams (Paperback)

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These days, software development moves very quickly. Being able to offer high-quality software quickly is a competitive advantage that can make or break a business. Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) in the cloud has become one of the most important ways to speed up and simplify software development. It lets teams automate and speed up their software delivery processes. This book, "Cloud-Based CI/CD for Software Teams," tells you everything you need to know to use cloud tools to make CI/CD work better. A Quick Look at Cloud-Based CI/CD: At the beginning of the book, the basic ideas of CI/CD are explained. This helps readers understand why automating the software development process is important. It talks about how cloud technology changes CI/CD by making it scalable, flexible, and cost-effective. Infrastructure in the cloud for CI/CD: Picking the right cloud service is one of the most important steps in setting up a CI/CD pipeline that works. Finding the right cloud provider is something that this book goes into detail about, and it also walks readers through the process of setting up specific environments for CI/CD in the cloud. It also talks about managing costs and optimizing to make sure that resources are used efficiently. Setting up CI/CD pipelines in the cloud: The people who read this will learn about the parts of good CI/CD processes and the best ways to set them up in the cloud. Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles, code repository management, and version control techniques are some of the things that are talked about. Automation of testing in CI/CD: Testing is an important part of CI/CD, and this book goes into great detail about the different kinds of automated testing and how they can be used in CI/CD processes. It talks about methods, tools, and test coverage to make sure that software is reliable and of good quality. Integration and deployment that happen all the time in the cloud: The book goes into great detail about how to set up CI and CD processes in the cloud. It talks about how to start builds, handle artifacts, and think about security in CI/CD processes.Cloud-Based CI/CD for Software Teams" is an in-depth guide that gives all levels of software workers the information and skills they need to make the most of cloud-based CI/CD. It gives teams the tools they need to speed up software release, boost quality and security, and stay competitive in a tech world that is always changing. This book shows you how to learn cloud-based CI/CD and take your software development to a whole new level, no matter if you work for a startup, a large company, or an open-source project.

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