Billiards on Hyperbolic Tables (Paperback)

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A detailed book on the study of billiards, a well-liked indoor game played on a table with pockets and cue sticks, is "Billiards on Hyperbolic Tables" by Pradeep Singh. The usage of hyperbolic tables in the game of billiards is extensively discussed in the book. It is the perfect resource for students and professionals working in the fields of mathematics and physics because the author gives a thorough explanation of the geometry and physics involved in playing billiards on hyperbolic tables.

The book opens with a brief history of pool and how it has changed over time. After that, it discusses the fundamental ideas of hyperbolic geometry and how they are used in the game of pool. The author uses succinct, clear graphics that help readers comprehend the intricacies of playing billiards on hyperbolic tables. To further aid readers in understanding the topic, the book also provides a number of examples and case studies.

In conclusion, Pradeep Singh's book "Billiards on Hyperbolic Tables" is well-researched and educational and offers a thorough grasp of billiards on hyperbolic tables. It is a great tool for both professionals and students studying mathematics, physics, and sports science. This book will undoubtedly give you the information and abilities you need to succeed, whether you're an ambitious pool player or simply trying to better your game.

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ISBN: 9788071581550
ISBN-10: 8071581550
Publisher: Chauhan Books
Publication Date: February 1st, 2023
Pages: 80
Language: English