Evolution of Microstrip Antenna for Conformal Application (Paperback)

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Antenna plays an integral and very essential function in advance wireless

communication networks. It is a tool that couples the transmitter to the receiver. It is a

device for receiving or radiating the radio waves. Nowadays the market for an antenna

with the conformal operation is increasing. It has therefore attracted many researchers to

study advanced antenna types. Microstrip patch antenna has many advantages and

excellent functionality compared to traditional antennas. The microstrip patch antenna is

very effective and useful in its geometrical shapes and functional applications. There are

numerous antenna types, such as aperture, loop, lens, reflector, and microstrip patch

antenna (MSA), etc. One of the most flexible and conformal antenna in between them is

the microstrip patch antenna. The layout and fabrication of the microstrip conformal

antenna is very simple.

In communication system, an antenna is a transducer device that converts the

electrical energy in to radio electromagnetic wave and vice versa and it treated as radio

wave transmitter and receiver. According to IEEE standard "an Antenna means the

transmission and reception of radio waves. The antenna is categories on the basis of their geometry and their applications. Each antenna has different characteristics and can be used for different applications.

Generally a microstrip patch antenna exhibits the gain near 5 dB and -3dB half power

beam-width (HPBW) around 70 and 90 in vertical (E) and horizontal (H) plane

respectively. The Commonly used patch structures are rectangle, ellipse, triangle, ring

and disk.

All wireless communication systems require antennas which are miniature in size,

light weight, and easy to install. Kumar and Ray focus on the demand of

communication systems in the commercial sector is to evolve low profile antennas that

are cost-effective, light weight, and capable to handling the wide frequency range in the

advance communication system. The developments of microstrip patch antennas(MSA)

fulfill these requirements and exhibits several advantages in compare to other antennas

and it have several potential application in medical, satellite communication, mobile

systems, broadcast radio and military systems like as Unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV),

rockets, aircrafts, missiles, GPS system etc. MSA are lightweight, cost-effective and

simple in fabrication and also they can be fit (conform) to any geometry (planar and


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