हज्ज, उम्रह व मस्जिदे नबव&#236 (Paperback)

हज्ज, उम्रह व मस्जिदे नबवì By Group of Scholars, Thaker Husain Bin Wareth Allah (Translator) Cover Image
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हज्ज, उम्रह व मस्जिदे नबवी की ज़ियारत संबंधी गाइड

इस किताब में है - इस्लाम से ख़ारिज करने वाली बातें - उम्रह का तरीका - हज्ज का विवरण - मस्जिदे नबवी की ज़ियारत - ग़लतियाँ जिनका इर्तिकाब बाज़ हाजी करते हैं - दुआएं ।

This brief but comprehensive guide is presented to you, the pilgrims to the Sacred House of Allah, to outline some of the rites of Hajj and 'Umrah with which you ought to be familiar. We hope you will read this booklet before you begin the rites of Hajj in order that you may acquaint yourself with what is required. You will find in it, in shaa Allah, answers to many of your questions.

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Publication Date: October 18th, 2023
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