Persian Revolution Global Politics (Paperback)

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Delves into one of the most pivotal events in modern history-the Iranian Revolution-and its profound impact on world politics. This meticulously researched and thought-provoking book offers readers a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted revolution that reshaped the course of not only Iran but also the entire global landscape.

Varma takes readers on a captivating journey through the historical context, social dynamics, and political intricacies that led to the rise of the Iranian Revolution. With a keen eye for detail, he explores the root causes of the revolution, shedding light on the grievances of the Iranian people against a backdrop of political repression, economic inequality, and foreign intervention.

The author goes beyond the confines of Iran's borders to demonstrate how the Iranian Revolution sent seismic ripples throughout the world. He examines the far-reaching implications of this transformative event on international relations, regional dynamics, and the geopolitics of the Middle East. Through an insightful analysis of the revolution's aftermath, Varma elucidates its role in shaping the region's balance of power and its influence on global alliances.

"Persian Revolution: Global Politics" is a compelling work that appeals to both scholars and general readers alike. It offers a fresh perspective on a critical historical moment, helping us comprehend the intricate connections between revolutions, geopolitics, and the broader course of world history. With masterful storytelling and profound insights, Deepak Varma delivers a compelling narrative that stands as a testament to the enduring significance of the Iranian Revolution on the world stage.

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ISBN: 9785310639065
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Publisher: RMAN Publishers
Publication Date: August 8th, 2023
Pages: 216
Language: English