Dark Psychology: Enter The World Of Dark Psychology And Discover Secret Manipulation Techniques Ranging From The Subtle Art Of Getting (Paperback)

Dark Psychology: Enter The World Of Dark Psychology And Discover Secret Manipulation Techniques Ranging From The Subtle Art Of Getting By Robert D. Sykes Cover Image
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This Book Contains Tactical Street Persuasion Techniques. Warning: The Information In This Book Is Not Sugar-Coated And Doesn't Pull Any Punches.

The power to influence other people's hearts and minds has always been a well-kept secret rarely shared with others and never thought in schools.

Most people think they know when somebody tried to manipulate them. Only a few realize that the constant stream of manipulation, they are exposed to every day, makes it nearly impossible to avoid doing, buying or believing what they want you to.

While most people just sit and believe they know what's going on (while snacking on chips from the brand they were persuaded to buy from), you can turn the tables and become the puppet master yourself.

Because persuading people to do what you want is actually a skill that can be learned.
With this being said author Robert D. Sykes reveals in his new book «Dark Psychology: Enter The World Of Dark Psychology some of the most powerful techniques eagerly used by the ones who will do whatever it takes to get what they want.

You will discover tons of insights and real-life examples to arm you with razor persuasion and manipulation skills that let you gain an unfair advantage.

Here is what you will discover inside this book:

  • How to master the puppet show of covert manipulation and emotional exploitation.
  • How dark psychology reveals the portion of human nature that's covered in the dark waters beneath the tip of the iceberg.
  • The subtle art of getting what you want and how to make a person believe they act out of "free will".
  • How this one trivial action has the power to reprogram anybody's behavior on the spot.
  • Sneaky ways of conversational hypnosis during normal social interactions without a person realizing what's going on.
  • 2 stunning methods skilled car-sellers use to lure you into spending more than you should.
  • The one lazy thing you can do - and most people completely overlook - if you really want people to give you what you want.
  • Discover the weapons of emotional destruction and how its fallout can destroy both - the victim and the villain if not used with caution.
  • 36 powerful key-words to stop a person's momentary train of thought and put them in a receptive state of mind for your will.
  • How to increase your charisma in front of a crowd and generate emotional intensity to shock the victim into submission.
  • 8 insidious tactics to deploy mental trojans in somebody's head using their inner critic. (you might guess if you know psycho-cybernetics)
  • Profiling the ones "easy to fool" including and an extensive list of traits making you susceptible to becoming a victim of dark psychology.
  • 3 character-traits that makes people prone to manipulation who are generally considered worldly-wise and not easy to fool.
  • Tons of real-life examples to get people tip over themselves to say yes to what you want.

And much more.

Even if you've been fooled multiple times before and failed to improve your persuasion skills, this book will show you how to gain compliance from anyone in real life with ease.

You will be equipped with an understanding of human nature only a few obtain in their lives.

But once you see behind the curtain of the puppet show there is no coming back.

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ISBN: 9783907269381
ISBN-10: 3907269381
Publisher: Peninsula Publishing
Publication Date: January 8th, 2020
Pages: 214
Language: English