Chess Endgame for Beginners: Winning Strategies to Crush your Opponents (Paperback)

Chess Endgame for Beginners: Winning Strategies to Crush your Opponents By Magnus Templar Cover Image
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Do you want to master the arguably most important phase of every chess game? Do you want to reap the fruits of playing a sovereign Opening and Middlegame? Do you want to deliver Checkmate and crush your opponents?

If so, this is the book you have been waiting for. Learn the most successful Chess Endgames to win each and every game and become a savvy chess player.

Mastering the art of Checkmate requires you to understand the Endgame fundamentals, knowledge of common Checkmate Patterns and the basic strategies behind. Only then will you be able to deliver more often and more efficiently. This book will teach you exactly this:

  • Key-strategies to behind a good Endgame
  • How to improve your Endgame
  • The golden Rules to win every Chess Game and deliver efficient Endgames
  • Different types of Endgames
  • The most famous Endgames

If you apply the tricks and traps of this book you will win every play and beat all your unsuspecting foes

Chess Endgame for Beginners is an easy-to-understand yet powerful guide to quickly master Chess. You will learn proven Endgame strategies, exactly what moves to look for and ultimately how to win each and every game.

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ISBN: 9783907269121
ISBN-10: 3907269128
Publisher: Grey Candle Publishing
Publication Date: October 5th, 2019
Pages: 110
Language: English