The Language of Living Matter: How Molecules Acquire Meaning (Frontiers Collection) (Hardcover)

The Language of Living Matter: How Molecules Acquire Meaning (Frontiers Collection) By Bernd-Olaf Küppers Cover Image


This book, by an eminent scientist and philosopher, provides strong evidence for the claim that language is a general principle of Nature, rooted exclusively in physical and chemical laws. The author's radical idea inevitably leads us to view the essence, origin and evolution of life in a completely new light. It shifts the coordinates of our scientific world-view in favor of an overarching concept of language that is able to bridge the gap between matter and mind. At the same time, it removes a blind spot in the Darwinian concept of evolution.

To justify this far-reaching idea, the book takes a long and deep look at our scientific and philosophical thinking, at language as such, at science's claim to truth, and at its methods, unity, limits and perspectives. These are the cornerstones structuring the book into six thematically self-contained chapters, rounded off by an epilogue that introduces the new topic of Nature's semantics. The range of issues covered is a testimony to how progress in the life sciences is transforming the whole edifice of science, from physics to biology and beyond. The book is aimed at a broad academic and general readership; it requires no mathematical expertise.

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ISBN: 9783030803186
ISBN-10: 303080318X
Publisher: Springer
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2022
Pages: 511
Language: English
Series: Frontiers Collection