L'Infanterie de Ligne Tome 1: 1776-1820 (Hardcover)

L'Infanterie de Ligne Tome 1: 1776-1820 By André Jouineau (Illustrator), Jean Marie Mongin Cover Image


Text in French:

For Napoleon, "the infantry is the soul of the army" it effectively brings together most of the combatants present under the flags. Apart from the special case of the Imperial Guard, the French infantry was divided into two broad categories: line infantry and light infantry. The first forms the big battalion of this fighting mass. The 120 images and accompanying descriptions present the soldiers of the Line infantry from the infantry of Louis XVI to those of Charles X without forgetting, of course, the infantry of the Revolution. and the Emperor's grumblers.

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ISBN: 9782840485568
ISBN-10: 2840485567
Publisher: Editions Heimdal
Publication Date: December 2nd, 2020
Pages: 160
Language: French