The World Awakens: What the Hell Just Happened-and What Lies Ahead (Volume Two) (Paperback)

The World Awakens: What the Hell Just Happened-and What Lies Ahead (Volume Two) By John Michael Chambers Cover Image
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Do you trust our government, media, education, healthcare, technology, entertainment, banking, and investments? Should you?

The small, untrustworthy group of people who own and control every one of those industries hope you will not even entertain the questions, let alone put in the time to explore the answers.

These two volumes of The World Awakens are an encyclopedia of trusted sources who give their honest overview of our real history, the world today, and what lies ahead. You will get the forty-thousand-foot view from deep researchers, truth tellers, and patriots like myself, General Michael Flynn, Juan O Savin, Sidney Powell, General Thomas McInerney, Lin Wood, Patrick Byrne, Mike Lindell, Clay Clark, Praying Medic, Patel

Patriot, Mike Adams, Laura Logan, the late Robert David Steele, and many many more.

World war is not just on the way. This is no simulation. It is here.

Today's threat is real, making The World Awakens critically important for widely exposing uncomfortable truths. These two books are not about politics; instead, they put the evidence before you, showing how we are all participants in this conflict that continues the struggle of good against evil, life versus death.

Many have woken up to the threat, but a large portion of the masses are still unaware, leaving everyone vulnerable to a relative few whose ultimate goal is complete control of the world-actually, they have had it for decades and longer-as they continue working at ways to slowly terminate us through methods that a busy, uninterested society will not stop to learn.

Today's covert battle involves a planet full of average, honorable people fighting a relatively-tiny group of world-controlling depopulationists. They desire to dominate. It's us or them. Good people must help. Please join the fight.

When your children and grandchildren ask:

"What were you doing as global governance was being thrust down the throat of America and the world?"

What will be your answer?

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Publication Date: September 29th, 2022
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