Peak Teams: Mastering the Habits of Unstoppable Venture-Backed Companies (Paperback)

Peak Teams: Mastering the Habits of Unstoppable Venture-Backed Companies By Jeff James Martin Cover Image
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The challenges and pressures faced by VC-backed CEOs and founders-and their teams-are unlike anything else.

When you're building something that's never been done before, there's no roadmap. You're responsible for meeting the needs of your team, clients, and partners...and of course, your investors and board members. You're juggling growth targets, internal misalignment, and raising capital-often all at once. And the whole time, you're deeply aware of the pressure from all sides. Your drive to push forward-to build, solve, and create-is unstoppable, but it can often feel like everything is on your shoulders, and you're hiking up a steep mountain buried in a fog.

It doesn't have to be that way. Build the right team, and you'll go from facing challenges alone to maximizing opportunities together. Jeff James Martin has spent a two-decade career on the ground with VC-backed teams trying to answer the question: What makes some VC-backed companies succeed, and others fail? This book holds the answer.

Peak Teams is a holistic blueprint for building an unstoppable team and empowering them with the core habits that create winning behaviors. In this book, you'll learn the Peak Teams System, a framework of habits and tools designed specifically for venture-backed teams. With the alignment, focus, accountability, and visibility Peak provides, you'll part the fog surrounding your business and get everyone-investors, partners, clients, and employees-heading up to the mountain's peak together.

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ISBN: 9781962341134
ISBN-10: 1962341135
Publisher: Collective Genius Media
Publication Date: December 18th, 2023
Pages: 260
Language: English