In Deep: The Collected Surf Writings (Paperback)

In Deep: The Collected Surf Writings By Matt George George Cover Image


A soulful collection of nearly four decades of surf writing. In Deep transports readers into the heart of the surfing world's culture through the eyes and imagination of a master storyteller. George's personality profiles, perspective essays, and travel accounts achieve a level of frank articulation that, much like the works of Theroux, Krakauer, and Finnegan, reveal as much about the man as it does his subjects. Peak transcendence and quiet reflection, famous beaches and lost islands, competitive triumphs and personal tragedies; In Deep is a compelling montage assembled by both a seasoned observer and fervent participant in the sublime pursuit of the passion that comes in waves.

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ISBN: 9781955690454
ISBN-10: 1955690456
Publisher: Catharsis
Publication Date: May 26th, 2023
Pages: 526
Language: English