Ethereum for Business: A Plain-English Guide to the Use Cases that Generate Returns from Asset Management to Payments to Supply Chains (Paperback)

Ethereum for Business: A Plain-English Guide to the Use Cases that Generate Returns from Asset Management to Payments to Supply Chains By Paul Brody, Michael J. Casey (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Paul Brody, Michael J. Casey (Foreword by)
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In Ethereum for Business, Paul Brody provides a plain English guide to doing business on the world's largest blockchain. The book covers an overview of Ethereum, business applications on Ethereum, and various advanced topics. Including case studies and examples from the world of Ethereum, Ethereum for Business is readable both linearly and by dipping in and out of chapters.

The book is aimed at business executives who want to understand the potential of blockchain for solving real-world business problems, and readers with technical knowledge who want to understand the business use cases.

Ethereum for Business covers topics such as:

• Basics of blockchain technology and key components on wallets, tokens, and keys.
• Decentralization in digital marketplaces, smart contracts, privacy, scalability, supply chain management, trade finance, payments and asset transfers, and tokenomics.
• Transforming the world of enterprise computing by enabling companies to model and manage assets, real or digital, that exist off-chain.
• A guide for implementation that contains key success metrics for enterprises considering blockchain-based solutions.

About the Author

Paul Brody is the Global Blockchain Leader at EY (Ernst & Young) since 2015, overseeing the firm's blockchain strategy and solutions, including the OpsChain tokenization platform and Blockchain Analyzer analytics tools.

As a prominent advocate for public blockchains and privacy technology, Paul has led EY to develop the Nightfall privacy-enabled Ethereum Layer 2 network and the Starlight zero-knowledge compiler, both contributed to the public domain and the Ethereum community.

Before joining EY, Paul held various roles at IBM, including Electronics Industry Vice President. He began his career at McKinsey & Co. in Los Angeles and holds a degree in Economics and a certificate in African Studies from Princeton University.

Praise For…

“Paul has been working on enterprise use cases for blockchain since I first met him back in 2014. If you want to read about how to apply Ethereum for business usage, you won't find a source with more first-hand experience.”
—Vitalik Buterin, co-founder and inventor, Ethereum

“Paul Brody saw that enterprises would ultimately adopt public blockchains for confidential transactions five years before everyone else. He argued that public blockchains would be the only infrastructure that would scale. While everyone called him crazy and while most consultants and technical leaders were side-tracked with private blockchain networks, Paul devoted resources and collaborated with other visionaries to build the protocols to make enterprise adoption of public blockchains an inevitability. He wrote this book because he also saw the need to educate current and future business leaders. We use this book as part of our blockchain curriculum at the University of Arkansas.”
—Mary C. Lacity, Distinguished Professor, Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas

“Paul Brody is one of a kind in the "business blockchain" space.Flamboyant, articulate, and deeply knowledgeable on the subject he has been one of the very few, dare I say it - only - consultant advocating for businesses to build products on top of the public Ethereum network since 2015. In that regard, he has demonstrated foresight and vision that few of his peers can match. This book is an excellent primer for noobs and a wonderful refresher for OGs.”
—John Whelan, Managing Director, Crypto & Digital Assets, Santander Corporate & Investment Bank

“Thanks to recent innovations, decentralized information-sharing and tokenization — the sexy part of blockchains — can finally be applied to businesses in a true "permissionless" environment. In clear, digestible prose, Brody lays out the wealth of opportunities this shift will generate for business leaders and helps them understand how to integrate their operations with the dominant blockchain platform, Ethereum.”

—Michael J. Casey, Chief Content Officer, CoinDesk; Co-author, The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and Digital Money Are Challenging the Global Economic Order and The Truth Machine: The Blockchain and the Future of Everything 

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