Becoming a Godly Husband: 2023 Revised Edition What Your Wife Wishes You Knew about Her (Paperback)

Becoming a Godly Husband: 2023 Revised Edition What Your Wife Wishes You Knew about Her By Gil Stieglitz Cover Image
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Do you ever feel like you're putting in a lot of effort to make your wife happy, but nothing is working? You're not alone.

Becoming a Godly Husband is a unique path that requires dedication and understanding. This marriage resource, born out of countless hours of counseling, study, and mentoring, is your guide to unlocking the secrets of your wife's happiness and fulfillment in your marriage.

  • Have you ever wondered what makes your wife tick, what truly motivates her?
  • Why does she think and feel the way she does?
  • What does she hope for in a husband and her marriage?
  • Discover the key to keeping her secure in your relationship.
  • How can you create a sense of teamwork rather than be competitors?
  • What are ways to nurture her needs while getting yours met?

The answers to these questions are the keys to a successful marriage. Marriages come in all shapes and sizes-no two are alike. And every marriage exists in various stages of success or failure. But marriage principles that were true ages ago are still true today. In this best-selling book Becoming a Godly Husband, Gil Stieglitz teaches 7 principles to help husbands understand their wives. Using the acronym H.U.S.B.A.N.D., these biblical marriage principles are set forth in God's Word and provide the answers men seek about their wives. You'll learn the principles and how to make them work for you wherever you are in your marriage.

This material is ideal for any man who wants more for his marriage. Whether you are married, preparing for your first marriage, or marrying again, put these principles to work and see how quickly God will bless your marriage.

Special features:

  • Practical growth exercises in each chapter;
  • Pairs with the How to Be a Good and Godly Husband online Udemy course;
  • Pairs with God's Radical Plan for Wives book and companion study guide.
  • Ideal for personal study or men's study groups

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ISBN: 9781952736025
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Publisher: Principles to Live by
Publication Date: November 15th, 2023
Pages: 256
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