Macramé Book for Beginners: A DIY Instruction Guide to Craft 13 Stylish Modern Macramé Projects for Your Home Décor and More Plus Macramé Knots, P (Hardcover)

Macramé Book for Beginners: A DIY Instruction Guide to Craft 13 Stylish Modern Macramé Projects for Your Home Décor and More Plus Macramé Knots, P By Roxanne Poole Cover Image
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Are you a beginner in the art of making macram and looking for a simplified guide to craft beautiful macram designs in no time? If so, then read on...

Macram is an age-long method of knotting ropes or cords to craft fashionable and stylish designs for indoor and outdoor purposes. In recent times, this art has regained its popularity as macram lovers and crafters are constantly springing up creative ideas than the conventional wall hangers and plant hangers.

As a beginner, getting a solid knowledge of the concept of macram to make awesome crafts can be quite challenging at first. However, with constant practice and a well of patience coupled with the explanations provided in this book, you will sooner than later navigate the murky waters of this craft and go on to become an expert in a short time. With this in mind, you are limited by nothing but how much perseverance you can let out to make lovely macram projects. Aside from taking on macram as a hobby or full-time activity, wouldn't you love being able to showcase your designs to your friends, families, and in the art stores? How much more if your crafts can be sold for profit? Great, right? That is why this book, Macram Book for Beginners, was written; to help you navigate your way to be creative and become a PRO in making macram designs.

Whatever your reason may be for wanting to venture into macram art, whether for profit-making or recreational reasons, this book is your go-to guide to achieving your goal.

Below is a snippet of what you will gain from this book:

- History and meaning: This section discusses the origin of macram and all that it entails.

- Benefits, uses, and terminology: You'll get to know the benefits of making macram crafts, its uses, and the common terminologies associated with it.

- Tools and tips of the trade: A deeper insight on the tools and materials required to get your first macram project off the ground are discussed. You'll also be privy to the tips and tricks to help you on your journey to becoming an expert macram crafter.

- Macram Knots and Patterns: Here, the basic knots and patterns that you need to be familiar with are discussed if you want to be successful in making any macram design

- 13 macram project Ideas: In here, 13 beginner-friendly macram project ideas are discussed with step-by-step instructions to guide you in making your first design.

- Mistakes and FAQs: Macram -making mistakes to avoid are discussed in this section and the solutions to correct such mistakes should they occur. Some frequently asked questions macram lovers typically ask are also covered.

And so much more

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