Bookkeeping: A Guide to Bookkeeping for Beginners and Basic Accounting Principles along with What You Need to Know About Starting a (Hardcover)

Bookkeeping: A Guide to Bookkeeping for Beginners and Basic Accounting Principles along with What You Need to Know About Starting a Cover Image
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If you are in the process of starting your own business, then keep reading...

Two manuscripts in one book:

  • Bookkeeping: An Essential Guide to Bookkeeping for Beginners along with Basic Accounting Principles
  • LLC: What You Need to Know About Starting a Limited Liability Company along with Tips for Dealing with Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Taxes as a Small Business

Although keeping a record of your income and expenses may seem straightforward, bookkeeping today involves many complexities.

Today, we often see small business owners handling their own finances, but most owners of large companies hand over their accounts to professionals.

In this book, you will discover all you need to master the art of bookkeeping.

This comprehensive guide will explain bookkeeping simply and efficiently.

What to expect in part 1 of this book:

  • Discover the basics of bookkeeping.
  • Discover critical tips and tricks on how to select a bookkeeping system.
  • Powerful strategies on how to set up your books.
  • Simple and easy methods to close your books.
  • 9 amazing tools to streamline your bookkeeping procedures.
  • Proven ways to get started with bookkeeping
  • ...and much more

One big mistake people make when starting a business is to begin without actual knowledge of how the process works.

This book shows you the steps of forming a Limited Liability Company and helps you discover the essentials of how to operate it successfully.

In three highly insightful sections, we carefully break down the entire process of forming an LLC from scratch and running a fully IRS-compliant Limited Liability Company.

Besides taking you through the easy route of creating an LLC, this book will also show you the most important things you should know about a Limited Liability Company.

Part 2 of this book will take you through:

  • How to set up an LLC
  • The difference between an S-Corp and C-Corp - and, should you have one?
  • How to set up your business to reduce your tax burden
  • Tips on how to name your business
  • How to set up the required Articles of Organization
  • How to create financial statements for your Limited Liability Company
  • How to set up payroll and how to pay yourself as the owner of a Limited Liability Company.

In total, this book is very much what you need to start your own business

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Publication Date: October 10th, 2020
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