How to Analyze People: 3 Books in 1 - How to Master the Art of Reading and Influencing Anyone Instantly Using Body Language, Human Psychology (Paperback)

How to Analyze People: 3 Books in 1 - How to Master the Art of Reading and Influencing Anyone Instantly Using Body Language, Human Psychology By Ryan James Cover Image
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This Compilation Book includes:

  1. How to Analyze People: How to Read Anyone Instantly Using Body Language, Personality Types, and Human Psychology
  2. How to Analyze People: Mastery Edition - How to Master Reading Anyone Instantly Using Body Language, Human Psychology and Personality Types
  3. Manipulation: How to Master Manipulation, Mind Control and NLP

Have you ever wondered why there are some people you take an instant dislike to and others to whom you gravitate? Obviously, there's something else happening besides their verbal communications that are attracting or repelling you, right? You might just discover what that is by reading our book. Within the pages of this book, you'll learn about the four main personality types and even determine what personality type fits you. You'll also learn how to adjust and monitor your behaviors, gestures, and body language to enhance your communication skills.

You'll understand the Principles of Perceptions and the Three Key Elements to Connectivity as you move through the book. Take a journey through our book to discover if you're a-

Leader Personality Type (decisive, goal-oriented, and powerful)

Perceiver Personality Type (analytical, precise, and compulsive)

Identifier Personality Type (nurturing, empathetic, and emotional)

Fraternizer Personality Type (fun-loving, thrill-seeker, and impulsive)

And then if you're not getting what you desire in life, perhaps it's time to practice some positive manipulation, mind control, and NLP. If you consider manipulation to be contrary, you'll find out differently when learning and applying our step-by-step guide to getting what you want. Reaching success doesn't have to be at the expense of others. Instead, you can get others to help you achieve success, and they can enjoy all the benefits of your success as well. A change of perspective, a focus on the positive, and five easy steps to learn how to change behaviors and beliefs can put you on the road to riches.

In this book you will discover:

  • The 4 Different Personality Types.
  • Reading People Using Body Language.
  • How to use this Information.
  • Cold Reading Methods and Tips.
  • What characteristics and traits to be wary of in any new relationship that every master manipulator possesses
  • How to recognize and master even the subtlest manipulation maneuvers used by master manipulators
  • Different NLP models, and how manipulators apply these techniques in everyday applications
  • Mind Control techniques every master of persuasion uses to achieve their desired outcomes in life, and how to protect against them
  • The most common characteristics manipulators look for to spot an easy target, and how to not fall victim
  • What locations offer manipulators the most cover, and provide more targets to practice their skills on, these are places you should always be on guard

And Much More.

Learning how to analyze others accurately might even protect you from a life-threatening situation. You'll teach yourself to listen to that inner warning voice, that part of your subconscious that recognizes the danger signs before you have had time to take it all in and react.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this book and discover the secrets of analyzing and influencing people today

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ISBN: 9781951030490
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Publisher: SD Publishing LLC
Publication Date: July 19th, 2019
Pages: 112
Language: English