Eldarlands LARP Player's Handbook (Hardcover)

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Cunning plots, heroic adventures, harrowing conquests... there's no end to the possibilities.

Eldarlands LARP is a fantasy based live-action role-playing game in which the players create and become their characters, driving the story through conflict and roleplay. Within these pages, you'll find everything you need to create and advance a character, build safe weaponry and armor, and learn the rules of combat.

If you've picked up this book, one can only assume you're one of two types of people. First, you're familiar with Live Action Role Playing and are wondering why this rulebook is any different than another you game may have played. Or, you're the second type and have no idea what LARP is and are likely curious about it.

To answer both, this player's handbook is simply a guide to help new players get started. It contains everything one might need to know, from character creation and advancement, to combat rules, and even a little history for the world's setting, though with this style of game that's literally the least important aspect.

Eldarlands LARP is no better or worse than any other live action game out there. It's the people involved who make the experience enjoyable.

For those who are already experienced with this style of game, Eldarlands LARP is roughly a 40% boffer combat / 60% role-playing game. Players immerse themselves into the game world by becoming their characters, choosing how they dress and act, they build alliances or create enemies with other players, they fight for their beliefs, all the while advancing the storyline.

Combat is a three-limb or single body hit death system with point valued armor and damage. Characters can advance in level to gain new or stronger abilities in their class through attendance, participation, and on occasion, quest rewards.

The world setting in which the game takes place is irrelevant, though one is provided. The game and story are driven by character conflict and the game's story marshal who directs the operations of gameplay and ensures a plot is available for characters to interact with.

Join the adventure by immersing yourself into this live-action-role-playing game.

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ISBN: 9781950541195
ISBN-10: 1950541193
Publisher: Eldarlands Publishing
Publication Date: May 27th, 2022
Pages: 86
Language: English