Passive Income: How to Use Cryptocurrency to Create Automatic Monthly Income (Paperback)

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What if you could wake up every morning with an extra $50 in your bank account?

That might not sound like much, but at the end of the month that's an additional $1500

And by the end of the year that's an extra $18,250 in your pocket.

All while your neighbors are slaving away at work.

Because with cryptocurrency, earning automatic monthly income is entirely possible.

Not only through mining coins from home, but also by investing in coins which pay monthly dividends.

And if you think that's all too confusing - don't worry.

Because inside, you'll discover it's surprisingly simple.

If you understand how to turn on a computer, and use the internet - then you can get your piece of the pie.

In this blockbuster 3 book guide you'll discover:

  • How even a technophobic 90 year old can buy Bitcoin is less than 15 minutes (no more difficult than buying anything else online)
  • The 5 vital things you need to examine before investing in a coin (following this checklist separates the great investments from the rest)
  • A coin bridging crypto and traditional financial assets (leading the way for adoption by banks)
  • How to spot a mining scam - before you invest your money in it
  • A secret but completely legal way to buy coins on Coinbase without paying transaction fees (potentially saving you hundreds of dollars per year)
  • An all star coin with great industry connections (vital if any crypto project is to take off)
  • A Chinese coin being developed by one of the leading entrepreneurs in the country
  • A hidden way to profit from mining that doesn't even involve mining yourself
  • How you can mine coins on the go, directly from your cellphone
  • The most profitable Proof of Stake Cryptocurrency for passive income

...and much, much more

Plus you'll also receive not one but two free bonuses inside

What would you do with the extra money?

Maybe pay off your mortgage or credit card debt.

Or take that family vacation you've always wanted to?

All without having to put in more hours at the office - or take a second job

Whatever your motives - cryptocurrency makes it possible.

And this easy to read, non-technical book lays out the exact steps required to put the money in your pocket.

So if you want to discover how you can make up to an extra $18,250 a year with cryptocurrency - click "add to cart"

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ISBN: 9781913470692
ISBN-10: 1913470695
Publisher: El-Gorr International Consulting Limited
Publication Date: January 6th, 2020
Pages: 154
Language: English