The Art of Speech: Body - Soul - Spirit - Word: A Practical and Spiritual Guide (Paperback)

The Art of Speech: Body - Soul - Spirit - Word: A Practical and Spiritual Guide By Dawn Langman, Raphaela Mazzone (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Dawn Langman, Raphaela Mazzone (Illustrator)


The Art of Speech presents a dynamic path of practice leading to an experience of the Word as a living, healing and creative power. Helping to deliver Western intellectual speech from what Artaud described as "shrivelled throats" and "monstrous talking abstractions", Langman brings to life the spiritual realities out of which a true Art of Speech arises. Inspired by Rudolf Steiner and pioneered initially in the German language by Marie Steiner, this artform is illuminated here through the genius of the English language.

Langman builds a bridge between mainstream research into the intrinsic nature of Speech, and the levels of spiritual cognition that led to Rudolf Steiner's insights. Speech and language can no longer be reduced to an arbitrary collection of abstract symbols, she asserts. This book will inspire those working with these disciplines as practitioners (both artistic and therapeutic) as well as those who wish to understand their significance in human evolution, both past and future.

Following her first book The Art of Acting, this volume completes a foundation of understanding for an exploration - in the conclusion of Langman's trilogy - of an integrated art of speech and acting. Grounded in the spiritual reality of the human being, Langman presents a systematic methodology with which to explore Rudolf Steiner's Speech and Drama course.

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ISBN: 9781906999650
ISBN-10: 1906999651
Publisher: Temple Lodge Publishing
Publication Date: November 17th, 2014
Pages: 316
Language: English