When Bubbles Burst: Surviving the Financial Fallout (Paperback)

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Surviving the financial fallout

John Calverley's new book is about understanding what's going on, how policy impinges on it, what investors can do and what is likely to happen. This extremely topical and timely new book from the well-known economist and Head of Research, Standard Chartered Bank is the first book to examine in depth the financial fallout of 2008 and explore the implications and solutions for individuals, companies and central banks.

His previous book, Bubbles and How to Survive Them predicted the current financial situation. He warned vigorously of the danger from the housing bubble and warned that stock prices might take off again and reach vulnerable levels (as indeed occurred in 2006-7.) This essential readable, non-technical guide is essential reading for everyone and particularly for investment professionals everywhere.

In this new book - an investor's survival kit - he:
* Outlines the crises we now face and reviews how we got here.
* Looks closely at the huge housing bubbles in UK and the US, as well as those in Australia, Spain, Japan and Hong Kong.
* Explores the anatomy of bubbles and presents a checklist for identifying them.
* Tells the story of how the housing bubble led to the current financial crisis and how far prices might fall, focusing on household debt as the value of household assets collapse.
* Examines strategies for investors, who must try to avoid bubbles or, more dangerously, seek them out and ride them.
* Reveals what will happen next.

About the Author

Now based in Toronto, John P. Calverley is Head of Research, North America, Standard Chartered Bank. He was previously the Chief Economist & Strategist of American Express Bank. He is a well-known commentator and appears frequently on CNN, CNBC and other TV stations.

Praise For…

Indispensable for everyone, investors and students alike, who wants to understand how bubbles arise - and how to avoid being caught out by the next one.
Roger Bootle, Capital Economics, -

Calverley has written a book for our times: when growth is fueled by asset bubbles and central bankers held hostage by the fear of their collapse. He brings a global view and the lessons of economic history to diagnose the problem, to develop new ideas for policy makers and to provide sound advice for investors.
Dr. DeAnne Julius CBE, -

Financial bubbles have always exercised a fascination over academics and financial journalists. Business economists can make their reputation by spotting them in time. But in truth relatively little is known about what generates bubbles, what causes the eventual bust, what damage bubbles can do, an dhow they can be prevented. Most importantly, are we in one now? In this book, John Calverley explores this subject in considerable depth, using an analytic approach but writing in a style accessible to the interested layman. Calverley belongs to the school that believes bubbles are recognizable, dangerous and preventable. He has a number of policy recommendations, many of which will prove controversial. Not everyone will agree with all aspects of his diagnosis or prescription. But it is hard to dispute that this book addresses an important and so far poorly understood topic.
Sir Andrew Crockett, President, J. P. Morgan Chase International and former general manager, bank of International Settlements, -

This is a must read for anyone considering investing in housing or stocks as well as market practitioners wishing to glean insights into how the herd can behave.
Gerry Celaya, Chief Strategist, Redtower Research, -

This book provides a very thoughtful and incisive look at "bubbles and busts" ... the analysis and content is extremely helpful to understanding the developments over the past few decades and the risks in the current situation.
Dr. Henry Kaufman, President, Henry Kaufman and Company Inc., -

This book offers a timely warning. Around the world real estate prices have been rising strongly as home-buyers take advantage of low mortgage rates. But if home price increases turn out to be a bubble, the consequences for many recent buyers as well as for the economy as a whole could be severe.
Ranga Chand, international economist and financial author, Ottawa, -

There is no more controversial question than what to do about the housing bubble, whether you are a buyer, a seller, a renter or a central bank governor. John Calverley has compiled a primer for all, tackling the many difficult questions logically and informatively. He is to be commended for making some very constructive proposals for what looks like a problematic future.
Alex Erskine, Chief Economist, Australian Securities & Investments Commission and former head of Asian research for a leading global bank, -

A clearly written analysis that deftly uses statistical data to reveal the nature of bubble/bust cycles and offers insights on how to deal with them.
Tadashi Nakamae, Nakamae International Economic Research, -

If you are worried about your future, read this book with care. If you're not, read and take heed. This is high quality, X-rated stuff, not for the faint-hearted, written with great clarity and balance. Essential reading on any public financial education course.
Richard O'Brien, Partner, Outsights, -

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