Dhurrie--Flatwoven Rugs of India (Hardcover)

Dhurrie--Flatwoven Rugs of India By Shyam Ahuja Cover Image


Largely unappreciated, the traditional flatwoven Indian dhurrie has long been overshadowed by the luxuriant Mughal pile carpets. For the first time the dhurrie is given the prominence it deserves. Transcending social boundaries the dhurrie was used by commoner and royalty alike - at its simplest it was a multi-purpose textile used as floor covering, bedding or packaging. At its most elaborate, however, woven with the finest fibres and enhanced with gold threads, it graced the palaces of royalty. This pioneering work traces the dhurrie back into the mists of prehistoric India with beautifully reproduced photographs of extant examples through the centuries. It pays particular attention to the design and colouring of dhurries from classic stripes to ornate geometrical designs as well as pictorial dhurries. The many stages of dhurrie making are comprehensively covered - from the selection and dying of the yarn to the final processes of weaving, washing and finishing. A particular feature is the coverag.

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ISBN: 9781851493388
ISBN-10: 1851493387
Publisher: Acc Art Books
Publication Date: September 1st, 2000
Pages: 272
Language: English