How to Learn Chinese: Without Even Trying (Hardcover)

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An easy way to learn Chinese – with games and activities

Most people will tell you understanding Chinese is hard, but we’ve made learning this increasingly important language as simple as can be with fun games and activities. With simple tracing, diagrams, stories and memorable phrases, this book for the absolute beginner will have you mastering pinyin, so you can write and pronounce Chinese words, understanding perfect pitch and tone, simple grammar rules and basic vocabulary. This practical, useful guide will easily equip you with the fundamentals of Mandarin Chinese, covering all the material needed to pass HSK Chinese Proficiency Test Level 1. Discover Chinese characters, practise writing them and explore the stories behind the ancient graphics. Fall in love with this fascinating language and ignite a passion for a captivating culture.

There are chapters on People: how to refer to yourself and others; Time: indicating and asking about time; Encounters: Greetings, interactions and introductions; Travelling: Transport and places; Food and Drink: Eating and shopping; Home: Around the house and describing locations; Activities: Actions and activities; Descriptions: How to describe things, including the weather; Work and Study: Learning and jobs. Each chapter includes a language lesson with Longlong the Dragonand Xiongmao the Panda, as well as an activity and an in-depth look at the basic characters.

Written by Freya Yang, a native speaker and enthusiastic teacher of the language with experience of teaching both children and adults. Her use of original, engaging and easy-to-follow activities means learning is so simple, you won’t even know you’re doing it!

Using simple, easy-to-understand games and activities and a friendly conversational style as well as fun illustrations, this modern language book is perfect for enthusiastic beginners.

About the Author

Freya Yang has worked with various language agencies over the years and now is working as a private tutor in London, teaching students aged 5–50. She is a native Mandarin Chinese speaker and lived in Beijing.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781849944557
ISBN-10: 1849944555
Publisher: Batsford
Publication Date: March 1st, 2018
Pages: 128
Language: English
Series: Without Even Trying!