Practice Your Spanish!: Test Questions for Reading and Translation Practice Plus Spanish (Paperback)

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FUN AND EASY TO READ, this didactic workbook

Especially translated, edited, and simplified to ease reading practice and comprehension, our text includes simple wording, brief sentences, and moderate vocabulary. Also, for your convenience, each chapter is followed by a glossary of common Spanish words and popular expressions and their respective English translations, as well as by fun and simple exercises designed to boost your reading skills and comprehension.

In short words, this workbook series published by the Easy Spanish Language Center provides the reading practice and drills you need to boost your reading skills and increase your vocabulary based on the understanding that reading is "a complex, active process of constructing meaning" instead of "mere skill application."

By going through This Student's Book, you will:

- Find An Effective Study Plan that consists of mixing different types of study (to get the most out of the learning material)

- Get An Understanding of How Sentence Structure Works and convert any thought into a grammatically correct speech (both spoken or in writing)

- Complete Creative Exercises that will help you memorize what you've already learned (thus improving your language skills)

- Practice Grammar, Vocabulary, Syntax, and Pronunciation in a sensibly ordered way (just as a standard teacher would do)

- Simple Phrases and short stories to start feeling more like a local (and consequently boost your confidence and self-esteem when being out there)

- And So Many Other Useful Insights

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ISBN: 9781806033706
ISBN-10: 1806033704
Publisher: Aharon Books
Publication Date: July 19th, 2022
Pages: 144
Language: English