Dividend Growth Investing: Achieve Early Retirement with Dividend Stocks (Paperback)

Dividend Growth Investing: Achieve Early Retirement with Dividend Stocks By Tom Badley Cover Image


Why should you settle for 0.01% interest in a savings account?

Or be OK with a treasury bill that pays less than 2% per year?

Your customers will never stop buying this amazing guide

In 1990, you could have retired comfortably with a nest egg of $500,000.

All you had to do was invest that money into a Treasury Bill, and you would have earned a steady 8% every year.

That's $40,000 deposited into your account every year from what most experts consider the world's most stable investment.

These days, if you invest $500,000 into the same Treasury Bill, you won't be getting 8% per year, nowhere near that.

In 2020, a Treasury Bill paid just 1.25% every year.

That's just $6,250 income per year on a $500,000 investment.

And you can't live anywhere in the US, UK, or Canada on $6,250 per year.

So what to do instead?

This book will show why you can't rely on government bonds for retirement.

It will also show you precisely what to do instead.

Here's just a fraction of what you'll learn inside:

  • The "yield trap" how to avoid bad value dividend stocks
  • Get in before March 29th to profit from this "tollbooth" oil opportunity. This company's business model thrives even if oil prices are less than $10 a barrel.
  • Better than Tesla? This renewable energy company is booming and continues to reward investors with large distributions.

Instead of paying $3,200 for a single share of Amazon. You can invest in Amazon's Landlord for just $30 a share.

Buy it NOW and let your customers get addicted to this amazing book.

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ISBN: 9781806032648
ISBN-10: 1806032643
Publisher: Aharon Books
Publication Date: July 14th, 2022
Pages: 180
Language: English