Investing and Making Money with Nfts: Create and Buy Your Own Ntfs (Paperback)

Investing and Making Money with Nfts: Create and Buy Your Own Ntfs By Frances Rafferty Cover Image


Do you wish to know how to invest and make money with NFTs?

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Yes, there is money to be made with cryptocurrencies. However, the fact that big institutional investors are now aggressively driving the demand and price of major cryptocurrencies makes them not so attractive and feasible for ordinary people. Luckily, there are still ways you can make money with cryptocurrencies without having to compete with big-pocketed institutional investors - investing in non-fungible tokens

Even if you do not know much about this topic, with this book you will understand everything you need in order to enter this world and start making money.

Navigating this new type of currency can be overwhelming for a beginner. People get concerned because they can't see a note or a coin and to be honest, we aren't using them when we tap and pay or even transfer money, we're just using numbers from one account to another. Cryptocurrency is no different.

Inside this book you will find:

- What NFTs are and how to understand them

- Investments and projects to follow

- The best NFTs

- How and where to create and buy NFTs

- My explanation on how to make profits

And much more

Just buy NOW this book and let your customers know everything about investing and make money with NFTs, they will not stop buying this guide

Product Details
ISBN: 9781806031221
ISBN-10: 1806031221
Publisher: Callum Cross
Publication Date: July 8th, 2022
Pages: 188
Language: English