Fabrication of some nanocomposites and to study their application as sensors (Paperback)

Fabrication of some nanocomposites and to study their application as sensors By Singh Monali M Cover Image


The thesis entitled "Fabrication of some nanocomposites and to study their application as sensors" consists of seven chapters. The main focus of this thesis is the development of electrochemical sensors based on the nanocomposites. The thesis deals with determination of some biomolecules using CV and DPV technique and detection of specific DNA sequences of E.coli using EIS and DPV technique. Some environmental pollutants are also determined by preparing nanocomposite having excellent electrocatalytic activity towards the pollutants.

Chapter 1 deals with the general introduction about composites, nanocomposites, their applications, sensors and their types with main emphasis on electrochemical sensors. It also deals with the literature survey on nanocomposite based sensors. Significance of the constituents used for sensor development in the present work has been discussed in detail. In Chapter 2, the various experimental techniques used in the present thesis have been discussed in brief. Chapter 3 deals with the preparation of N'-phenyl-p-phenylenediamine/multiwalled carbon nanotubes/nafion nanocomposite. Prepared nanocomposite was used for electrochemical determination of neurotransmitter dopamine on screen printed and glassy carbon electrode. In chapter 4, a nanocomposite was prepared based on graphene oxide/chitosan/iron oxide. The prepared nanocomposite was deposited electrophoretically on ITO electrode which was used further for detection of specific DNA sequences of pathogenic bacteria E.coli by EIS technique. In chapter 5, graphene oxide/chitosan/nickel ferrite nanocomposite based genosensor was fabricated. Nucleic acid hybridization technique was employed for the detection of specific sequence of E.coli.

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