Social Skills Superstars: Boost Confidence and Build Strong Social Skills with Engaging Exercises and Games (Paperback)

Social Skills Superstars: Boost Confidence and Build Strong Social Skills with Engaging Exercises and Games By The Books of Pamex Cover Image
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As a parent, you know that EVERY CHILD IS UNIQUE. They all come with their own amazing talents, skills, and personalities. Some kids are awesome at math, while other kids might need a little tutoring. Some kids can pick up a pencil and draw from their imagination, while other kids could use some coaching.Just as with language, math, or art, kids have different abilities when it comes to social skills. Some children can intuitively sense how other people are feeling, while other children might need to develop those skills. Some kids naturally make friends, while others need to be taught skills on how to develop friendships. You are probably very much aware of where your child stands in this area, and where they could use some help. I'm here to tell you that this stuff can be learned-and it can really change a kid's confidence level and success in social situations.And as with teaching math concepts or reading comprehension, social skills can be broken down into bite-size pieces that your child can digest and learn from. With this book and you as a supportive guide, your child can develop the essential social skills needed to be socially successful at school, in family situations, and out and about in the community.Like any other skill, practice makes perfect. So I encourage you to read along, then help your child learn the skills outlined in this book and do the activities with them. Your child may be able to do them alone, but the skills taught in this book will become more solidified if you partner with your child to help them along the way.Your child didn't learn how to read overnight-you remember how it took time and practice.They had to learn their letters before they could learn their words. Social skills are very much the same way. Your child will learn the building blocks of social interactions one step at a time, and each block will build on another.It's also important to remember that kids learn at their own pace. Some kids will take these skills and run with them, while others might take some more time. Don't forget to celebrate the smallsteps alon g the way with high-fives, fist bumps, words of encouragement, and hugs These small steps lead to big changes over time.If your child continues to struggle even after working through the activities in this book, don't be afraid to consider professional help. A good child therapist can offer ongoing support and guidance to help you and your child navigate through these issues. Now let's stop all this chitchat and get busy arming your child with social skills for confidence and success, shall we?

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ISBN: 9781803624020
ISBN-10: 1803624027
Publisher: Books of Pamex
Publication Date: July 1st, 2023
Pages: 118
Language: English