Internet Marketing Bible: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing. (Paperback)

Internet Marketing Bible: An Integrated Approach to Online Marketing. Cover Image
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Are you struggling to reach new clients, customers, or social media followers? Frustrated with Facebook ads not producing good results? Paying thousands of dollars to social media managers and SEOs and still only minimal conversions?

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Learn how the 2% of successful entrepreneurs smartly position their brands, so customers will always choose their business over everyone else (hint: it's not luck - there is a proven branding strategy at play here and you can apply it, too ).

What 98% of businesses miss + why they fail

Your marketing campaigns cannot be successful if you forget even one of these marketing basics, and you need to have them in place before even considering any marketing strategies

This book includes:

- What Is Internet Marketing And Who Can Do It?

- Internet Marketing And Social Networking

- Unleashing The Power Of Social Networking

- Getting And Retaining Customers

- Old-Age Internet Marketing Methods That Still Work

- ...& Much More

You will have a clear action plan in place once you finish this book and finally feel that you, YES YOU (even the quiet introvert in the back...: ), can master marketing and get your business the attention - and financial rewards - you deserve.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781801724753
ISBN-10: 180172475X
Publisher: Amplitudo Ltd
Publication Date: March 11th, 2021
Pages: 112
Language: English