Real Estate Investing For Passive Income: The Ultimate Step By Step Beginner's Guide For Agent To Finding Strategies In Off Market. How To Make & Not (Large Print / Paperback)

Real Estate Investing For Passive Income: The Ultimate Step By Step Beginner's Guide For Agent To Finding Strategies In Off Market. How To Make & Not Cover Image
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If you are looking to generate passive income then this is an ultimate step by step guide for beginners. Learn how to find off market properties, how to make and not lose money starting from gone-bad investments.

We're living in an economy where a single paycheck often doesn't cut it, especially if you come from middle class. This is why every other person is looking to make some passive income to ease their financial burdens and find peace of mind.

Real estate investment can be a great idea but many don't know where to begin. Often people invest but once they lose money due to lack of experience, they never give it another go.

This book starts out with the elementary concepts and ideas you need to understand for investing in real estate sector.

You will also learn about how risky real estate market can be and what factors should you consider to evaluate the risk.

The book elaborates the point by giving examples of prominent failed real estate investments of 2019

Once you have developed an initial understanding of the market, the book takes you through a few lessons so you are able to discern between a scam and an opportunity.

The book is also a guide on how you can restructure and renovate the property to make healthy profits.

This book brings all the information you need to start making passive income through real estate investment.

Learn basic concepts and risk factors related to investing in real estateLearn about major failed real investments of 2019 and why they failedLearn the art of telling apart a scam from an opportunityHow to make responsible investments with small capital and avoiding common amateur mistakesHow to renovate and restructure to maximize your profitsLearn about 5 tried and tested real estate strategiesDevelop an understanding of BRRRR method and CPR condominium ownership regime and how they work
I want to learn about real estate investment. Can this book help me?

Absolutely This book starts with all the basics you need to know and takes you through a learning journey to the point where you can start investing in real estate market responsibly.

If I get this book, can I start my career as a realtor?

Not right away. You should transition into it once you have established a foothold in the market. We recommend you to start small, invest responsibly and protect your profits and once you've achieved a certain level of passive income that you can earn consistently.

What if I lose my money even after reading the book?

Look, this book isn't some get rich quick scheme. Just like any other investment or trading business, loss is a reality. We can't guarantee profits just because you've read the book. However, we will help you develop an understanding of responsible investing so even if you lose money.

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