Victorian Parlour Games: A Modern Host’s Guide to Classic Fun for Everyone (Hardcover)

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Bring a piece of history into your game night with this collection of fun and playable Victorian-era party games.

Victorian Parlour Games is a beautifully designed and compact hardcover volume full of the classic, often silly, games played in the late 19th century. The Victorians loved fun and played hundreds and hundreds of party games. This endlessly delightful party games book collects some of the very best for your reference and pleasure.

The irresistible combination of recognizable favorites and unexpected amusements includes:
  • Charades
  • Taboo
  • Twenty Questions
  • Laughing Game
  • Fictionary
  • Blindman’s Bluff
  • Forfeits
  • The Minister’s Cat
  • Pass the Slipper
  • Are you there, Moriarty?
  • Elephant’s Foot Umbrella Stand
  • Throwing the Smile
  • Squeak Piggy Squeak
  • Kim’s Game
  • Blowing the Feather
  • and many more!
Each entry provides the original name of the game, any alternate names, the rules, and a brief history, complete with fun facts, notable connections (i.e., mentioned in a Charles Dickens novel, named after a Rudyard Kipling book, inspired by Sherlock Holmes, etc.), and what we call it today if the name has changed. Illustrations sprinkled throughout add to the fun and historical appeal of this unique game book, perfect for gifting or collecting.

FOR FANS OF VICTORIANA: Anyone who loves the history and literature of the era knows how much those wacky Victorians liked their fun. Now, anyone can join in!
PORTABLY POCKET-SIZED: This handy little volume is perfect to pop into a purse or satchel and take to the Dickens Fair, a historical reenactment, or any game night.

FUN FOR ALL AGES: These games are easy to learn and quick to play. Get the whole family involved in some charmingly old-school delights that need very few extras beyond a deck of cards or a bit of mischievous spirit.

Perfect for:
  • Game players of all ages
  • History buffs, trivia buffs, and fans of Victoriana
  • Austen aficionados and Bridgerton watchers
  • Dickens Fair and Christmas Carol attendees
  • Family gift or game night host/hostess gift

About the Author

Ned Wolfe is a queer author and artist whose subjects are heroes, health, and history. He lives in Cambridge, MA surrounded by books, plants, and projects in various stages of completion. Ned swore an oath to protect the Bodleian Library, and he takes that very seriously.

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ISBN: 9781797231006
ISBN-10: 1797231006
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication Date: October 15th, 2024
Pages: 208
Language: English