Emerald Helm: Tales Of Courtly Valour I (Paperback)

Emerald Helm: Tales Of Courtly Valour I By Andrew Marc Rowe Cover Image
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Unchivalrous knights, mischievous gods, and horny unicorns on a not-so-holy quest. Camelot will never be the same...

In the fantastical realm of heroes gone awry, there's always a lesson to learn and a village to pillage. Whether it's a scum-guzzling faery detective, a mead-swilling skald, or a sex-fiend rusalka, life in The Avalon Cycle is hilariously twisted. And now these less-than-honorable champions will take you on a raunchy ride of debauchery, disgrace, and befuddlement.

With filthy tales harboring serious insights into human nature, this utterly warped cluster of stories will make you laugh out loud and ponder the mysteries of the universe. Dare to join a ridiculous group of characters as they concoct new legends and murder old myths.

Or don't... but do you really want to miss this magically ludicrous mayhem?

Emerald Helm is the first hysterical instalment in the Tales of Courtly Valor fantasy short stories collection. If you like quirky Arthurian retellings, bawdy comedy, and existential philosophy, then you'll love Andrew Marc Rowe's wildly distorted fables.

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781777106966
ISBN-10: 1777106966
Publisher: Sophic Press
Publication Date: November 1st, 2020
Pages: 228
Language: English