First People: The Lost History of the Khoisan (Paperback)

First People: The Lost History of the Khoisan By Andrew Smith Cover Image


An illuminating exploration of early Southern African hunters and herders.

In First People, archaeologist Andrew Smith examines what we know about Southern Africa's early people, drawing on evidence from archaeological sites and rock art, the observations of colonial-era travellers, linguistics, and the study of the human genome.

Smith has studied the history and prehistory of the Khoisan throughout his long and distinguished career. These communities represent the early groups of hunter-gatherers and herders and the oldest human lineages of Africa, some migrating from as far as East Africa to settle in countries like Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa.

Fully illustrated and including the latest academic research, First People is an invaluable and accessible work that reaches from the Stone Age and travels through time to the most recent history of the Khoisan. It paints a knowledgeable and fascinating portrait of their land occupation, migration, survival, culture, and practices.

About the Author

Professor Andrew Smith is an archaeologist, excavator and researcher who has spent the last 50 years researching and working closely with African herders and hunters. He has travelled around the globe, joined expeditions to Egypt, and excavated at some of the richest prehistoric herding sites.

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ISBN: 9781776191840
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Publisher: Jonathan Ball
Publication Date: April 7th, 2022
Pages: 272
Language: English