Nikolai, The Volkov Empire (Paperback)

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Nikolai Volkov has been groomed to one day rule his father's empire. Growing up in a crime family, you don't have many options. You live and die by the Volkov name.

After connecting with his half-brother in the states, Nikolai chooses to step away from family obligations, to find what he feels has been lacking his whole life. What he wasn't expecting was for a curvy young woman with amber eyes to become the missing piece to his existence.

When enemies threaten the life of Leah Winters, a shy and broken woman he has sworn to protect, Nikolai's Volkov roots rise to the surface.

There's only one outcome for those who stand between Nikolai and the woman he loves.




Living each day in fear is no way to live, but it's the only life Leah Winters has ever known.

Family is supposed to be your protector, not the monsters haunting your dreams at night.

Until one day, she decides to put her trust and life into the hands of The Kings of Retribution, where she crosses paths with Nikolai Volkov.

A year passes while hiding from her past. During this time, Nikolai and Leah's relationship suddenly shifts, turning into something more.

Beaten down by cruel words and low self-esteem, Leah never thought a powerful, handsome man like Nikolai, could ever love her, until-

His words gave her hope.

His touch gave her life.

His kiss promised her the world.

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ISBN: 9781736958735
ISBN-10: 1736958739
Publisher: Crystal Daniels
Publication Date: March 27th, 2021
Pages: 236
Language: English