New Identity: A Young Adult Urban Sci-Fi Novel (Paperback)

New Identity: A Young Adult Urban Sci-Fi Novel Cover Image
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- There can be power in forgetting. -

Each day, a woman wakes up in an unfamiliar place-and an unfamiliar body. With her memory wiped, she's left with nothing but questions, and the determination to keep herself together long enough to answer them. Being thrust into the life of someone else every day brings obstacles and she has no leads. But just when her hope is running thin, a man with answers shows up at her door.

It turns out she isn't the only one with the power to do the impossible. And dangerous people are hunting them all. Relying on others for safety goes against her instincts, but if she wants to get her body back, remember who she is, and regain control of her life, then she has no choice.

She has a fight ahead of her. One that she can't hope to win alone.

Featuring lively action, sweet romance, witty humor, and unusual tech, New Identity will appeal to fans of Jessica Jones and X-Men.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781736591802
ISBN-10: 1736591800
Publisher: Lux Publishing
Publication Date: March 9th, 2021
Pages: 326
Language: English
Series: Identity