How to Overcome Fear of Flying - A Practical Guide to Change the Way You Think about Airplanes, Fear and Flying: Learn to Manage Takeoff, Turbulence, (Paperback)

How to Overcome Fear of Flying - A Practical Guide to Change the Way You Think about Airplanes, Fear and Flying: Learn to Manage Takeoff, Turbulence, By Capt Ron Nielsen, Doug Parker (Foreword by) Cover Image
By Capt Ron Nielsen, Doug Parker (Foreword by)
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Imagine leaving your fear of flying behind as you travel free from anxiety and fear.

Fear of flying is very real and affects millions of people. You are not alone

Whether you suffer minor stress, debilitating anxiety or panic attacks, fear of flying limits your ability to enjoy the safest way to travel on the planet.

Designed to be used before and during flights, How to Overcome Fear of Flying will help you transform your overall flying experience.

Here's a preview of what Capt Ron, a fear of flying expert, will teach you:

  • What you can do to strategically prepare for your next flight.
  • How to stop the thoughts that create your anxiety and panic--even when those thoughts occur if you just think about flying.
  • How to manage your emotions before and during your flight.
  • How the unfamiliar sights, sounds and sensations during a flight are completely normal but can easily trigger anxiety, claustrophobia, and a disproportionate and excessive stress response in your mind and your body.
  • What the pilots are actually doing and thinking throughout the various phases of flight.

A veteran pilot with an M.A. in Professional Counseling, Capt Ron will demystify your questions about airplanes and flying. He will share the same proven techniques he has taught thousands of fearful flyers around the world who now soar free from their fear of flying.

No matter whether your issue is

  • Takeoff
  • Turbulence,
  • Claustrophobia, or
  • Flying over Water

Capt Ron explains air travel in layman's terms. He teaches you tools and techniques for feeling confident and in control from takeoff to landing.

As you work through How to Overcome Fear of Flying, you will learn to recognize, regulate and replace your anxiety-promoting mental dialogue with mindfulness and confidence. Not only will these skills help you overcome your fear of flying, but they also have the power to transform other areas of anxiety you may experience.

Capt Ron's FearlessFlight(R) Method incorporates three core elements:

  1. The Psychology of Fear of Flying: Understand fear and how your brain hijacks your emotions.
  2. Principles of Flight: Separate facts from myths about airplanes and flying.
  3. Tools and Strategies for Successful Coping: Learn to use coping strategies to master your fear of flying.

Maybe your fear is so extreme you haven't been on an airplane in years. Perhaps you tried numbing your fear of flying with Xanax, alcohol or other drugs, but the worse it gets. This book will help you to change they way you think about flying. Capt Ron is your expert guide who cares about fearful flyers--he's been working with them for over 30 years

Capt Ron wants you to be able to experience flying free from your fear. He wrote this book about fear of flying so you could have an expert resource to finally help you solve this limiting and debilitating problem.

If you've tried other fear of flying books and are still grounded by your fear, get How to Overcome Fear of Flying and get on the plane without the heavy baggage of fear of flying.

Thousands of fearful flyers have participated online and in-person FearlessFlight(R) Programs and Services for the past 32 years. Through this book you can get your life back as well

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