Finding Home Over 50: Achieving Your Housing Needs and Life List Dreams in Retirement (Paperback)

Finding Home Over 50: Achieving Your Housing Needs and Life List Dreams in Retirement Cover Image
By Michael W. Trickey, Amanda M. Trickey (Cover Design by)
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You and about 70 million other persons aged 50 to 70 in the U.S. are in the early stages of planning for and entering into retirement. It is a journey of sorts, during which you will be identifying your retirement housing needs and options, figuring out where you would like to live, and determining the associated costs. Your family, friends, support system, desires, and fears will factor into your thought processes. Part of what you need to consider and plan for is making sure you have adequate time, money, and other resources available to you after paying for housing to pursue the list of life goals you would like to accomplish while you are still young enough to do so. Your housing choices and life list goals can be aligned to allow you the time and money to enjoy your life, and to maximize what you can achieve. Find Home Over 50 is your guidebook for that journey.

Many people over 50 are also contending with housing and related issues involving aged parents, in-laws, or older loved ones, as well as perhaps Millennial (or younger) children who may still be living in their homes. You may be one of those people, part of the so-called "sandwich generation", dealing with issues and needs of older and younger loved ones. Finding Home Over 50 also speaks to those issues.

In a few short hours, rather than days and weeks, you can gain a good understanding of the housing issues you are most likely to be encountering over the coming years, and some guidance on choices, options, pitfalls, economics, and other elements key to your decision-making making process. The conversational manner in which the information is presented will make it more meaningful and easier to understand.

Michael W. Trickey is a CPA with over thirty-seven years of experience working with real estate finance transactions. He is an active participant in the residential and commercial real estate markets, both as a consultant to others and for his own use and investment. Over the last thirty-seven years, he has been involved in dozens of real estate transactions, purchasing condos, single-family homes, duplexes, multi-unit flats, apartment buildings, and commercial buildings.

This is the second book in the Finding Home series. The first is geared towards first-time home buyers.

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ISBN: 9781732216501
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Publisher: Finding Home Books, LLC
Publication Date: July 10th, 2018
Pages: 378
Language: English
Series: Finding Home