Microscopic Colitis: Revised Edition (Paperback)

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Many gastroenterologists refer to microscopic colitis as a nuisance disease with a benign course. Some doctors seem to confuse it with IBS and they try to treat it as though it were IBS. For many patients though, the disease proves to be debilitating and life-altering, and the treatment options offered by one's doctor may not provide effective relief. Because there is a lot of truth in the observation that microscopic colitis can only be truly understood by someone who actually has the disease, one can learn vital information from others who have discovered ways to live with it, and control it, without a need for medications, in many cases.

This book covers the history of the disease and how it is diagnosed, all of the commonly-prescribed treatment methods, and some of the most successful treatment methods that are generally unknown in the mainstream medical community. It discusses current research that shows promise for the development of future treatments, and it includes the author's theory of how inflammatory bowel disease and autoimmune disease actually develops, supported by numerous medical research articles.

Though there are no easy solutions, patients can definitely can get their life back if they are willing to learn more about the disease, and use that knowledge to fine tune their treatment program. This book is a common sense guide for understanding, controlling, and living with microscopic colitis, and it provides insight into ways to help avoid the development of additional autoimmune diseases. This is a revised, up-to-date edition of the original Microscopic Colitis book.

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