Kundalini Awakening: Ultimate Guide to Gain Enlightenment, Awaken Your Energetic Potential, Higher Consciousness, Expand Mind Power, Enhanc (Paperback)

Kundalini Awakening: Ultimate Guide to Gain Enlightenment, Awaken Your Energetic Potential, Higher Consciousness, Expand Mind Power, Enhanc By Jenifer Williams Cover Image


Kundalini Awakening is the ultimate guide that will teach you how to unlock your hidden powers and live a more meaningful life. For years, this ancient knowledge has been kept a secret. It is now time to unveil the techniques and practices that will unleash your true power...

In this book you'll learn:

  • The basics of Kundalini Awakening
  • The 7 main Chakras of the body
  • Prana and how to control it
  • The 4 mighty elements and their qualities
  • The Akasha
  • Meditation guidelines
  • How to develop your Intuition
  • Chakra Healing
  • Secret Meditation techniques
  • Enhance your mind power
  • Astral travel
  • Fasting
  • How to raise your vibration
  • How to see the Aura
  • Enlightenment
  • Best practices
  • Road to mastery

And so much more

What's discussed in each chapter:

- Chapter 1 is about the basics of Kundalini Awakening. Find out more about this ancient mystery and how you can tap its amazing power.

- Chapter 2 talks about the different Chakras of the body. Chakras are energy centers that have many functions and attributes.

- Chapter 3 is about prana. Everything in the universe is made of prana. Without prana, life cannot exist. Learn more about this amazing energy.

- Chapter 4 discusses the world of the elements and about their attributes and fine qualities, as well as how you can use them to your advantage.

- Chapter 5 talks about the akasha. Akasha is that mysterious force from which all the elements come from.

- Chapter 6 is about how to practice meditation to enhance your Kundalini experience.

- Chapter 7 teaches the secrets of the intuition. Learn how you can use and develop your intuition and connect to a higher power.

- Chapter 8 is about chakra healing. Learn how you can heal your chakras naturally and through meditation.

- Chapter 9 discusses the different psychic abilities and the proper training that you can do to develop these abilities.

- Chapter 10 is about astral travel. Learn how you can separate your spiritual body from your physical body and travel the whole universe.

- Chapter 11 teaches how you can connect to your higher-self, also known as the god-self.

- Chapter 12 gives 5-minute meditation sessions that are excellent for beginners.

- Chapter 13 teaches 30-minute meditation sessions. These are good for those who already have experience in the practice of meditation.

- Chapter 14 talks about the aura. Learn how to sense and see auras.

- Chapter 15 is about vibration. Learn how you can raise your vibration and be protected from psychic vampires.

- Chapter 16 explores the power of the mind. Learn more about your mind and the infinite power that you possess.

- Chapter 17 discusses the meaning of true enlightenment and how you can achieve it in your life.

- Chapter 18 is about the practice of fasting. Find out its importance and how you can benefit from it.

- Chapter 19 teaches the best practices to help you succeed in life.

- Chapter 20 teaches the road to mastery from a beginner to adept.

This book will change your life and free yourself from negative energies. NOW is the time to make a change and live a happier life --- Get your copy of Kundalini Awakening today ---

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